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What is Human Design?

Human Design 生命易圖》又稱人類圖是一種自我認識與覺知的工具,
說明了你是誰,你今生來到地球上應當怎麼活你的生命,用意在讓你得到個人轉化和成長。它顯示出你意識層面和潛意識層面的真實自己True Self 。

Human Design 是套新系統,以新的方式,包含物理學和基因學等現代科學,結合了中國易經、西星象學Astrology、猶太卡巴拉Kaballah 和 印度脈輪Chakras 。

了解你的Human Design 就像是得到你的人生應用手冊,可以幫助你:

  • 知道和了解你的類型Type ,那是你的真實自己True Self
  • 知道你個人的策略Strategy,運用於事業、愛情、人際關係、家庭等等,讓你在這世界上遇到最少的阻力
  • 知道你的內在權威Inner Authority,告訴你每次做決定,如何對你是正確的最好決定
  • 知道你主要的苦痛和障礙,是來自於你活你的非本我Not-Self
  • 知道你的人物角色Profile,性格特質
  • 明白你的專長和天賦特質
  • 了解你今生的使命
  • 排除障礙,創造和諧美滿活出真我的生活

Human Design is a new, cutting-edge personality assessment tool that shows you your unique decision-making strategy, your special gifts and talents, where you carry your pain and your potential for healing and wisdom.

Human Design is a synthesis of Eastern and Western Astrology, the Chinese, I’Ching, The Kabbalah, the Hindu Chakra System and Quantum Physics.  Your Human Design chart is calculated using your birth date, time and place.

Understanding your Human Design is like having an instruction manual  or a road map for your life.  Your Human Design chart contains information that can help you:

  • Understand your strengths and gifts
  • Learn your life purpose
  • Discover the Truth of Who You Are and Why you are here
  • Master your unique money-making strategy
  • Create relationships that are supportive, Joyful and good for you
  • Find the best way for you to stay healthy & physically vibrant
  • Get yourself “unstuck” and create what you want in your life.

When you discover the gift of your Human Design blueprint, you’ll realize the truth about your life journey, and find a liberating clarity of purpose.

Once you access your own infallible road map, you will tap into your authentic self, and be empowered to make decisions that will lead to fulfillment  — personal satisfaction, harmonious relationships, and professional success.